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NAISA 2023 Conference May 11-13, 2023 Toronto, Canada

Travel Tips

Queer, Trans & Two Spirit travelers

Egale (a national organization for LGBTQI2S people and issues) offers
‘Tips for Travelling Trans’ that may be helpful to trans, Two Spirit and gender variant travellers to NAISA.

Egale explains:
“Most airports now use a combination of walk-through or hand-held metal detectors, physical searches, Explosive Trace Detection, and full-body scanning technology as a primary or secondary method of security screening for passengers. For many trans and gender variant travellers, this raises particular concerns regarding privacy, human rights and discrimination. With these concerns in mind, this resource offers information about your rights as an airline traveller, tips to assist in navigating the ticketing and screening process, information about what to expect from security checkpoints, and suggested steps to take if you feel that your rights have been breached.”

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